Day two started out about the same as day one, but with even more rain. The track was completely covered in water by the time the first cars were going out.

Rainy track


In addition to the rain, which for the most part didn’t let up all day, we were running more difficult courses. The courses were tighter than the first day and the instructor changed it throughout the day.

The rain was a great teaching tool. Because I had so little grip (wet track and nearly bald tires) every mistake I made was amplified. If I was too aggressive with the gas, slide. Brake too hard, slide. Turn too hard, slide. You get the point.

I did a lot of sliding.

I was able to get more runs on the second day because there were only four of us. I did over 60 runs on the second day for a total of over 100 during the two days. I was exhausted.

I was more focused on racing on Sunday and didn’t take too many pictures. Here is some video instead.