This is actually going to be a short post, because for the most part, it was just travelling.

The last day in Taiwan we took a bullet train from Kaohsiung back to Taiwan. And then a bus from the train station to the airport. I was really bummed to be leaving Taiwan and I was already missing it. I decided to get one last tapioca tea, which wasn’t near as good cost double the price. I would miss Taiwan!

Our flight was delayed by a couple hours and so we didn’t get back to Okinawa until about 9-10pm and it was nearly 11pm by the the time we got to our hotel. The next day the weather was great though (all the pictures are from Okinawa). We enjoyed a little bit of shopping before we headed back to Miyakojima.

Luckily, my friend from Taiwan is getting married this coming January so hopefully we will be able to go back. I’m already thinking about all the great food and tapioca!