View from the Restaurant

On the sixth day of our trip, we woke up early to catch the train to Kenting. Kenting is the ocean, touristy part of Taiwan where everyone goes for their summer vacation. After several hours on the train and an hour long bus ride, we finally arrived.

Kenting Hotel

We figured that this would be the part of the trip where we would just relax at the hotel and the beach, and take it easy. We opted for a 4 star hotel that had it’s own restaurants, three pools, a water slide, and a view of the ocean. It also had an activity room that included an arcade, ping pong, pool, and bowling.

Hard to look cool with a swimming cap, but apparently it is Taiwanese law!

The hotel was nice, but neither I nor my wife were impressed with the service. On several occasions we felt that there was a lack of professionalism.

Hotel Restaurant

We spent the first day in the pool and enjoying the hotel. The second day we rented an electric scooter for about $30 and drove around the coast town. I think my favorite part was the go-karts, but we went to several beaches, a park, some restaurants, and then came back to town to enjoy the night market.

Go Karts in Kenting

Kenting park

I had fun in Kenting, but to be honest, it really wasn’t my favorite part of the trip. The beaches were pretty crowded, even though a typhoon had recently passed and swimming was not really an option. Things were more expensive and the shops seemed to be more pushy than they had been in the last two areas.

Kenting beach

The next morning we took the hotel shuttle to Kaohsiung. This was our last destination in Taiwan, but there was a lot to do. First we checked into our hotel and were given a complimentary upgrade to the executive suite. That put our room on the 44 floor and gave us an incredible view. Lunch the next morning would be served on the 45th floor. How cool is that?

Kaohsiung night market

We had lunch at a small food court inside the building and then went to explore the city.

Formosa Boulevard Station

Our first stop was the market. This was mostly just food stands, which we weren’t too interested in since we had just eaten. We did come across a really cool stage with a pretty good singer soon after though. I don’t know what she was singing, or what the event was for, but I was impressed.

Traditional Taiwanese Singing

Our next stop was the train station. Yes, that’s right, the train station. The main hall of the station has been fitted with a skylight of colored glass and is absolutely beautiful. Add to this the live piano performance and singing, and it was moment to remember. We sat there for some time just listening and taking in the view.

Pool on the 13th floor of the hotel

Arriving back at the closest station to our hotel, there was a traditional Taiwanese dance concert in in full motion. Once again we pulled up a chair and took it all in. I was very impressed with all of the performers and it was a great last night to spend in Taiwan.

Our Final Day in Taiwan from the hotel room