A couple weeks ago I was contacted by an author who had just published a new book. He told me that it was called Living Deliberately and was about how to live life better. He sent me a copy, and I have had time to read the first few chapters. Here are my early impressions.

It’s not your typical self help book. Most self help books now days tend to focus on how to improve a set of skills, do something faster, or change something in your life that makes you happier. Someone teaches you the tricks that they have learned to make learning quicker. This book is a little different.

It doesn’t focus on teaching a the best way to learn a specific set of skills, but instead, how to analyze your decision making and understand your thought process. It tends to look at your life as a bigger picture. The other thing I like so far, is that the book uses examples. The author takes an idea, and then puts it into a real world example so you can see possible outcomes.

The one negative thing I have found so far is that it is a little too wordy. The beginning of the book states that it will describe things very simply so that anyone can understand, but I feel that many of the sentences were drawn out and more complex than they needed to be. I’ve only read the first few chapters, so I will give another update once I have finished the book.