I am happy to report that after the first two days, day three gets easier. Day two was especially hard. I had a headache, no energy, my stomach was unsettled, and I ended up sick. By day three most of that had gone away. I didn’t really have any cravings, I felt much better, my skin had gotten really clear, and I had more energy.

I did decide however that I wouldn’t continue for the full 7 days. Unfortunately, I just wasn’t getting enough calories to maintain my normal workout. While the juice did make me more active and alert, I couldn’t sustain that energy through a workout.

I won’t be stopping juicing however. Instead, I will be supplementing it with other meals.

For anyone who is interested in doing this to clean out their system or lose some weight, I would say go for it. I really do feel that my body is in better shape after doing so.

You can see my final update video below. For some reason, the video was dropping frames while I was recording which messed up the video a little bit and also distracted me.

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