Day one was basically no problem. Drinking the juice was pretty easy, I felt pretty good, and I didn’t have too many side effects.

Day two is turning out to be a little different. The night after the first day I ended up with a very sore throat, a slight temperature, and didn’t get much sleep. I’m not sure the cause, but maybe it was my body’s reaction to the toxins leaving my body? By morning the temperate had gone, but part of the sore throat remained. I also had a bit of a headache. I don’t really get headaches, so I am pretty sure that is from the juicing. As I write this post  at 6pm the headache is mostly gone.

My stomach is also a little unsettled, and I have very little energy today. I can still drink the fruit juices no problem, but the vegetable juices are getting a little harder to get down. On the good side, I have less cravings for unhealthy food.

I think the biggest thing is that I am just getting so few calories and it is a shock to my body.

I’ve heard people say that they have gotten really smelly when they started juicing, but so far I haven’t had much change in body odor. I did notice that the first day my urine had various strong smells, but that seems to have gone away at this point.

I have decided that I will be changing from 7 days to 3 days though. Having so few calories makes it very difficult to keep up with my workout schedule. I am worried that if I move too much I will end up with a major headache.

You can find the review of my first day below: