About two weeks ago I watched a movie called “Fat, Sick, and Almost Dead“. You can find it on Hulu for free. At that time I had just ordered a blender, and figured I would do a 7 days of juicing when it arrived. The blender actually arrived two days ago, but I had a dear friend who was moving away and wasn’t able to spend much time at home. Yesterday, however, I was able to start juicing.

My plan is very simple: eat mostly juice for a total of  seven days (I won’t kill myself if I eat something else, but it does need to be healthy). I dont have any particular plan on what fruits and veggies I will be adding, but I am trying to keep it as local as possible (we have two farmers markets) and keep it varied.

My basic recipe is 1 cup of water and enough fruits and vegetables two make two cups of juice. It actually doesn’t take too much since fruits and vegetables have a lot of water. I am going heavier on the fruits in the morning and heavier on the vegetables later in the day.

I’ll be posting a couple of videos, but I actually made them in Japanese for my friends who are interested here in Japan.

If you are a juicer or have done something similar in the past, leave a comment. I would love to hear your opinions and get any tips.