To be honest, not much. I’m not saying that I didn’t gain knowledge. I learned various ideas and expanded my vocabulary in various subjects. I learned how to write papers and express ideas. I learned how to go after a job, do math, read and write, etc. And while it is my diploma that allowed me to move to Japan (because it was required for my visa), work in Tokyo, and eventually lead to me living where I do, it wasn’t because of the skills I learned in school.

I have said this before, but I think we place too much emphasis on certificates and qualifications. Most of us want certain people like doctors, engineers, and mechanics to have certificates, but part of that is because of dishonest people who don’t have the right skills claiming they do. Perhaps more time should have spent teaching honesty and being a good person.

We put all the focus on expensive schools that have prestige and require expensive textbooks, and yet the world has more problems than ever before. The gap between the poor and wealthy has consistently grown and is getting worse each day.

So here is a very inspiring video of another way to do education? What do you think? Is it a good idea?