I mentioned a few posts back that I was planning to start creating some videos and some “learn X in 30 days”. Well, my video camera finally arrived and I am ready to start. I will be writing blogs and making videos to go along with my progress.

The first challenge will be to learn and play four songs on the ukulele. I have actually learned to play a couple song and at this point am practicing almost everyday. The ukulele really is a fun instrument to learn and ukuleles are also a lot cheaper than most instruments. You can pick up a decent ukulele for around $50 and get something pretty good around the $100 range. Not as easy to do with a guitar or piano.

The idea of the 30 day project is to try new things and learn new skills. I will post my progress and results. However, if something I am learning is also interesting to you, then by all means please join me. If you are interested in playing the ukulele, then what better time to get started. If you do decide to follow a long, please leave comments and let us all know how it is going.

For those interested in learning the Ukulele here are some links:

Ukulele For Beginners– Basic tips to buy and play the ukulele.

Ukulele Underground– Ukulele Forum

Beginner Ukulele– Page with various helpful videos

I still haven’t decided all four of the songs I will learn, but will post them when I do. At the moment I am sure on “E Huli Makou” and “Somehwere Over The Rainbow”.  I am also currently working on “Stand By Me”.

So far the hardest part for me is singing a long while I am playing. I tend to get lost. Just need more practice.