Just a few days ago I was watching an episode of survivorman titled “Off the Grid”. As you can imagine, it was all about how to move away from the city and get away from relying on “the system”. He choose to move his family out to a very remote area that was only accessible for certain parts of the year. While it doesn’t seem like suck a horrible thing to me, I think it is a bit too extreme for some.

So are there option for those who don’t live in a remote area? What about those of us who live in the city and the suburbs with limited resources and limited land? It seems there just isn’t much we can do. At least that is what I thought until I watched the below video and learned how one family turned their 1/5 acre in the suburbs into a farm that grows 99% of their food and even makes a living for them.

Over the last year I have started a small garden for myself. With tomatoes, bell peppers, egg-plant, mint, parsley, onions, lettuce, etc; but this takes it to a completely different level. Imagine what the world could be like if we all did this even a little. Imagine watering a lawn full of vegetables instead of green grass. It definitely makes me rethink my garden.

Time to plan a better one. Let me know what you think and what kind of garden you might already have. Oh, and also be sure to check out their website: Path to freedom.