With the exception of the last couple of weeks I haven’t been to great at posting on Simplistic Thoughts. It’s partly because I have been busy with working on other blogs and partly because I have been busy doing various things here in Miyakojima (teaching English, learning Sanshin, studying Japanese, running a half-marathon, etc).

Well, I am going to try and change this and start posting a lot more often. Below are some of the topics that I will be posting about and some of the other ideas for the site.

Broader Topics

In the past, the main focus of this site has been self development, life hacks, and  a few adventures and tips on the side. Moving forward I plan to cover more day to day topics and adventures that I participate in. Since I currently live on a tropical island in Japan, that will range from snorkeling in the ocean, local festivals, spear fishing, and maybe even trips to the store when entertaining.

I will try to keep the posts helpful, and at least entertaining, but they will not be limited to any particular topic.

Getting Back in Shape..again

Last year I did a 30 day challenge using a popular abs program to get in shape. Without changing my diet, I actually got it pretty good shape within 30 days. Unfortunately, once the challenge was over, I cut back on my workout routine. In order to get back in shape, and stay there, I will doing more posting on exercising. I am also planning to make some videos of some of my favorite workouts.

More Videos

About a year ago I bought a new camera which among other things can go under water and also shoot hd video. I have been practicing with video editing software and will try and get more videos on the site. Everything from the places I go to various instructional videos.

More Cultural Topics

Having lived in Japan for a few years now I don’t tend to think about all the cool/weird stuff. When I think about it though, there are actually a lot of items, activities, and sometimes just weird happenings that would make good blog posts. Of course, I will also be posting tips on language learning.

More Adventures

Last year I did a lot of snorkeling, spear fishing, hiking, scuba diving, entering caves, and fishing. I also went to a lot of live performances (from hula to folk dancing to native Okinawan music). I plan to write more about these topics, and when possible, take videos and pictures.

Your Feedback

I would love to hear your thoughts on what you would like to read about more. If you really enjoy a certain topic let me know and I will try write more on it.

I look forward to sharing my adventures with you and thank you for reading.