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In my last post I wrote about resetting goals once you have gotten off track. Hopefully those of you who have set new years resolutions are still working diligently towards your goals and haven’t had a need for that yet. The the start of the new year is a marking line for people to end on part of their life and put all the bad things behind them. We can say, “Last year wasn’t so great, but this year is gonna be better and I am gonna accomplish something.” It all seems like a great way to help people get motivated and start something new right? I don’t quite think so. I think that New Year’s Resolutions allows for procrastination, give false hope, and usually end in disappointment with the next chance of opportunity being far away.

New Year’s Resolutions Allow Procrastination

In fact they practically cause it. One thing that I have learned in achieving goals (and something you can find in most goal achievement books) is that an important part of successfully working towards a goal is to start NOW. It’s obviously important to you or you wouldnt be thinking about it. Why give yourself the chance to put it off until the remainder of the year. The New Year is a date that is set by humans and will most likely have little effect on you achieving your goals.

New Year’s Resolutions Give False Hope

Many times we set our goals for the new year far in advance. We start telling our friends ad colleagues about them and start dreaming about what it will be like to achieve them. Of course we are usually dreaming about the results, and not the hard work it may take to get there. But we tell ourselves “next year is a new year. It’s the year I will start doing it.” We alow ourselves to ignore the fact that we are only putting it off, or maye that we failed to acomplish it last year.

New Year’s Resolutions Lead to Disappointment and Failure

We have ourself all built up about achieving our new goal. We didn’t really plan it out so well because we came up with the goal such a long time ago. But it didn’t make sense to plan in detail for something so far away. And as we got closer, life got so busy with work, family, and holidays. We wait the entire year and then give ourselves one big shot. Is it really any big surprise that we fail. It is very difficult to make a commitment to any type of goal, and even more difficult to achieve on with no plan at all. When we fail we have no plan to get right back on track. Something I feel is vital to not only achieving your goals, but also gaining confidence.

What to do?

  • Stop waiting for the New Year. Set your goals now and get started right away
  • Choose attainable goals and take the one at a time
  • Create a plan and write it down.
  • Be sure to include a “getting back on track plan” when you get off track
  • Make sure the goal is something you really want to achieve
  • Reward yourself along the way for keeping with it

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