Here is a list of some of my favorite sites. Not only do they have great content on various topics, but the writers are great at inspiring. I have also listed the titles of the last three posts on each so you can get a feeling for what they write about.

  1. Blog of Timothy Ferris– Author of the 4 Hour Week. He writes about living an alternate lifestyle and how to do so by becoming more efficient and outsourcing (among other things).
  2. Zen Habits– A blog focused on Personal development and and various ways to improve your life
  3. Seth’s Blog– Seth Godin has written a number of amazing marketing books. I must for anyone interested in marketing or running their own business
  4. 43 Folders– A blog about getting organized and personal productivity
  5. Mind Tools-All about business, management, and work skills
  6. Steve Pavlina’s Personal Blog– Personal development blog by a successful entrepreneur
  7. Presentation Zen– A presentation and design blog written by Garr Reynolds. An amazing presenter and an absolute inspiration.
  8. Think Simple Now– A cool blog about productivity and making your life happier and simpler
  9. Tubby Nerd– Written by internet market genius Ed Dale. This blog is a must for anyone interested in learning about improving their internet marketing skills (or learning about guitars)
  10. The Happy Rock– A blog about personal development and getting and staying out of debt

So that’s my list? Please let me know what you think and let me know what great blogs relating to these issues I might be missing out on. If you enjoyed this article, please feel free to subscribe to my RSS feed.