Is this still really what some companies think? That by opening a window right in your face, and one you really don’t want to see, that you are gonna buy more. To be honest, most good companies have gone away from this type of ridiculous advertising, but there are some companies still doing it. I can see the benefit of doing it in the early days of the internet, but now days people are smarter about it.

Businesses need to view their websites the same way that they view their companies. It has to provide the same quality of service as your store. You want your customer to find what they are looking for, enjoy their shopping experience, and ome back. If you do a really great job, they will tell their friends and increase your customer base. You can read more about this in Seth Godin’s book “All Marketers Are Liars.”

My point is that people get to attached to how they can sell things then how they can give the customer the most benefit. Shoving a banner in his or her face and distracting them from what they might actually be looking for is ruining the experience and lowering the benefit they may get from whatever product or service you may offer. This would be similar to the used car salesman who doesn’t care about your needs and is only concerned with selling his cars. If you don’t care about them, then for sure they won’t care about you.

Bottoms line: get rid of the popups and try to give as much value to the customer as possible.