As the world is getting smaller, the ability to speak language has become very important. I came from a small town in California, and my ability to speak Japanese has opened up a number of opportunities I couldn’t have had otherwise. Here is a list that has helped me and others in the pursuit to become better speakers. This list is focused on Japanese, but should be helpful for any language.

1. Study at least every other day- it is better to study a little often than a lot once and a while

2. Watch movies- first in English (or your native language) and then in Japanese.

3. Set goals- Set realistic goals such as learn 100 kanji in 10 weeks and then study 10 per week

4. Speak with Friends- this will make it fun, and when it’s fun it doesn’t feel like learning

5. Monitor your overall progress- doing so will help give you the confidence to keep going.

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